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dock high loading
grade level loading
security deposit
three-phase power
full service lease
rent escalator
light industrial
annual rent per square foot
racking height
flex space
loading well
triple-net lease
A statement of rent which makes it easy to compare the costs of various rental units.  Calculated thus:  (monthly rent x 12)/size in square feet
Common Area Maintenance fee.  In some leases, a fee charged to tenants for their "share" of property maintenance, taxes and other expenses.
Clear distance in the warehouse from the slab to the underside of roof purlins or bar joists.  Together with square footage, an indication of how much material can be safely and efficiently stocked in a warehouse.
Loading door above outside grade level, allowing forklifts or dollies to take materials directly from a tractor-trailer.
Commercial space designed to be used as a combination of office, showroom and warehouse space.  Offices and showrooms are built within the taller warehouse space, and the proportion of this finished space to warehouse or work area can be changed relatively inexpensively.
Commercial lease in which the landlord pays for property taxes, insurance, building maintenance and all utilities, without additional charge to the tenant in excess of rent.
Loading door at grade level, allowing vans, panel trucks and equipment to easily move in and out of the warehouse.  Tractor-trailers must be unloaded outside the warehouse.
A downward ramp in front of a loading door used to achieve dock high loading at a building with its floor slab at grade level.  
In a multi-year lease, a factor by which the rent may increase on the lease anniversary date.  Frequently the Consumer Price Index.
Money belonging to the tenant, but held by the landlord for the duration of tenant's occupancy of landlord's rental space.  Landlord may keep some or all of this money only in the event that tenant does not fulfil the terms of the lease.  (Security deposit is not the same as the last month's rent.)
A type of electrical power used for some heavy equipment which is more economical than two-phase.
Terms below are commonly used in commercial real estate rental.  Some terms apply to our leases, and some to our competitors'.  Wise Brothers Inc. typically offers a one-year modified gross lease (in many cases, we pay for water), and we NEVER charge C.A.M. fees.
Commercial lease in which the tenant pays for property taxes, building insurance and building maintenance in addition to the rent.  In other words, the monthly rent payment from tenant to landlord is net of these three items, for which the tenant will be billed separately.
gross lease
Commercial lease in which the landlord pays for property taxes, insurance, and building maintenance, without additional charge to the tenant in excess of rent.  Tenant is responsible for their own utilities.
Manufacturing processes that do not involve heavy use of power, chemicals or large equipment, and that have minimal environmental impact.  
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